is a higher revelation
than all wisdom and philosophy.
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Matevž Pesek

A young teaching assistant with lots of ideas and too little time. Beside computer science he has multiple interests, among them the most interesting is probably music. In this research he tries to connect music and computer science. He is teaching assistant for courses E-learning, Multimedia technologies and Programming and Algorithms.

Primož Godec

A persistent and very hard-working student at the Faculty of computer and information Science. He is participanting in this research as a part of his diploma. An expert for technical issues in the research and carrying out the ideas of other team members.

Matija Marolt

An assistant professor at the Faculty of computer and information science as well as the head of the Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Multimedia. His research interests are in the field of computer music, especially music information retrieval. Research topics include audio melody and rhythm extraction, segmentation and organization and searching in music collections. Other members of research team are convinced he is also a magician, since he manages to coordinate 11 classes, research projects and a family.

Emilija Stojmenova

She is a very active researcher in the field of computer interfaces for different age groups. Her concern is focused on a user which contributes to creation of interesting and user friendly form of questionnaire. Her extensive bibliography shows her interest in elderly people and their usage of multimedia tools.

Jože Guna

He is employed as teaching assistant at Faculty for electrical engineering at Laboratory for telecommunication. Since he is individual with many different interests, he approached with enthusiasm new research on music and mood. Since he is constantly in a good mood and full of energy he cannot be a subject for our research.

Gregor Strle

Is a researcher interested in computational semantics, music cognition and other fun(ny) things. He also fully supports group's Friday beer meetings!

Mojca Poredoš

A freshly graduated psychologist. She took care of the content of the mood questionnaire. All thought this is her first major research project, she is very interested in research work.

Petra Rožman

A student at Faculty of natural sciences and engineering. She made our website attractive and visually appealing. We hope the website's design will motivate and attract more participants.